Twomey Merlot is a single vineyard bottling sourced exclusively from our Soda Canyon Ranch in southern Napa Valley, with Merlot clones that produce low yields of small, intensely flavored berries. In collaboration with Consulting Winemaker Jean-Claude Berrouet, previous winemaker at Chateau Pétrus, our Merlot blend captures the best of California’s fruit-forward style with the subtlety and restraint of Bordeaux.

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Soutirage Traditionnel

Twomey Merlot’s expressive aromas, flavors and silky texture come from a classic Bordeaux technique known as soutirage traditionnel. As the wine ages we periodically rack it from barrel to barrel, using gravity and tools available only in France. It’s labor-intensive, but we love the way this time-honored technique softens the tannins while heightening the wine’s aromatic qualities.

Soda Canyon Ranch Vineyard

Soda Canyon Ranch, also the primary fruit source of our Silver Oak Napa Valley Cabernet, is situated up on the first bench off the Napa Valley floor with a hilly terrain that offers the closely-spaced vine rows various sun exposures. Planted to the five classic Bordeaux varieties, including French Merlot, the well-drained volcanic soils feature softball- and watermelon-size rocks mixed with gravel. With a mild climate tempered by cool breezes and morning fog, Merlot grapes ripen slowly here, developing rich black-fruit character and extraordinary complexity.

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