Our Story

From the Family of Silver Oak

Continuous improvement – or the notion that our best wines are still ahead of us – has been our driving force at Silver Oak for more than 45 years. At Twomey, we combine this philosophy, experience, and a sense of curiosity with the exploration of outstanding vineyards and growing regions from California to Oregon.

Wines Rooted in Place

Wine quality starts in the vineyard, and sites capable of producing complex, layered wines are rare. Across all of our vineyards, we pursue sites that reveal a delicate balance between place and the classic characteristics of their respective growing regions.

This happy confluence of sun, soil, climate, orientation, slope and proximity to the Pacific Ocean makes a vineyard special, but farming with intention and a profound respect for the environment also plays a critical role in fruit character and quality.

Our Vineyards

Easy-to-Love Wines

Wine should be delicious, plain and simple. Great wines make us want to take another sip. Twomey wines are food-friendly, which to us means versatile wines that balance modest alcohol and tannin with perfectly ripe fruit and crisp, mouthwatering acidity. Our wines are made to be savored and enjoyed the way you like them, at the dinner table with food, friends and family.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Our approach is holistic, combining leading edge winegrowing practices with traditional techniques. From our vineyards to our cellar we embrace modern scientific methods to improve the quality of our wines. With a team that draws on more than 75-years of experience from California to Oregon, Burgundy and Pomerol, we also hold a deep and abiding respect for tradition, using labor-intensive Old World winemaking practices to lend our wines finesse and distinction.

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Sustainable Twomey

As a family-owned winery, sustainability has a special meaning for us. Saving water, conserving energy. protecting the environment and promoting healthy vineyards is not only the right thing to do; it's how we ensure that Twomey will be here 25, 50, 100 years from now. When you leave a place in better shape than you found it... that's real sustainability.