Jean Claude Berrouet

Winemaking Consultant
Jean Claude Berrouet

World-renowned winemaker, Jean-Claude Berrouet, joined Twomey as Winemaking Consultant in May of 2012 and works closely with Twomey and Silver Oak's Director of Winemaking, Daniel Baron, on the production of Twomey's Napa Valley Merlot. Daniel first met Jean-Claude in 1981 when he worked at Etablissement Jean-Pierre Moueix as an apprenctice under Jean-Claude's tutelage. Over the decades the two winemakers remained in close personal and professional contact, working together again while both were associated with Dominus Estate in Napa Valley, and today at Twomey Cellars.

Born into a Basque family in the Bordeaux region of France, Berrouet joined Etablissement Jean-Pierre Moueix in 1964 as winemaker and technical director, and was responsible for the entire portfolio of wines from Pomerol and St. Emilion, including the incomparable Chateau Petrus, across 44 vintages. He is considered to be one of the foremost proponents of "classicist" winemaking, in that his wines are balanced, true to their origins and capable of longer aging.

Though Jean-Claude officially retired in 2007, he continues to work as a technical consultant for wineries in Israel, Argentina, China, France and in North America, where Twomey is his only client. Daniel Baron said of Jean-Claude’s decision to join Twomey, “Much of my style of winemaking is based on his aesthetic. He knows how to combine subtlety, intensity and balance in a wine and his joy of living comes through in every glass." Of his collaboration with Daniel and with Twomey, Jean-Claude comments, “We have the same philosophy of wine, Daniel and I. Wine is a product that tells a story, the story of its land. Merlot in California has a different expression from that of Pomerol, of Bordeaux, of Italy or of Switzerland. If we let it express itself naturally it will tell the story of Twomey.”

Jean-Claude owns the six hectare Vieux Chateau St.-Andre in Montagne St. Emilion which he runs with his son Jean-Francois. His other son, Olivier Berrouet, followed in his father’s footsteps and now serves as Director of Winemaking at the Petrus Estate.