Pinot Noir

With more than fifteen vintages of Pinot Noir that span from Santa Barbara County to Oregon, we understand the delicate nature of Pinot Noir and apply a minimalist touch during the winemaking process. Sorting the grapes by hand, using native yeast for fermentation and moving the wine via gravity are some of the techniques we use to preserve the character and integrity of the vineyard, as well as the graceful aromas and flavors for which Pinot Noir is known.

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The Pulse of Place

Our winemaking techniques focus on allowing the vineyard to express itself – harvesting with moderate sugar and tannin levels, fermenting each lot separately to allow for careful blending, and restrained use of French oak. Vineyard lots that consistently demonstrate unique character are bottled as single-vineyard wines, whereas those that distinctly represent the region are blended as appellation wines.

Featured Vineyard: Soberanes

Discover one of California’s most sought-after vineyards for Pinot Noir, Soberanes in the Santa Lucia Mountains in Monterey. Fog and breezes from nearby Monterey Bay make this one of the coolest growing regions in California, though Soberanes’ well-drained, granite-laden soils reflect the sun’s warmth in late mornings and afternoons. This climate allows for slow, gentle ripening -- ideal for developing deep, vividly expressive Pinot Noirs.

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