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Our 2015 Sauvignon Blanc is an alluring, expressive wine embodying the facets of our four estate vineyards. The blend of mineral-driven fruit from the Sonoma County vineyards and the lush tropical aromas derived from the Napa Valley vineyards develops complexity in the glass. Hints of white gold and straw illuminate this wine. The bouquet bursts with mango, guava and gardenias, while the sculpted palate focuses citrus and minerality into lime zest and wet slate. The bright attack, rich full body and refreshingly long finish are redolent of citrus acidity. The perfumed tropical notes stem from the dynamic terroir we work with. This is a medium weight wine to be paired with a variety of foods from an hors d’oeuvre of zesty gazpacho to a creamy seafood risotto. It will be a pleasant accompaniment to any meal. Our 2015 Sauvignon Blanc is a wine to be enjoyed throughout the year.



August 10, 2015 – September 2, 2015

May 1, 2016

  • Calistoga Vineyard 13%
  • Estate Owned, Sustainably Farmed
  • Soil: Bale Loam
  • Planted Acres: 11
  • Healdsburg Estate Vineyard 23%
  • Estate Owned, Sustainably Farmed
  • Soil: Gravelly Loam
  • Planted Acres: 11.43
  • Oakville Ranch Vineyard 34%
  • Estate Owned, Sustainably Farmed
  • Soil: Cole Silt Loam
  • Planted Acres: 13.52
  • Merino Estate Vineyard 30%
  • Estate Owned, Sustainably Farmed
  • Soil: Wright Gravelly Loam
  • Planted Acres: 19.1

The 2015 vintage can be characterized as an intense, textural expression of Sauvignon Blanc. The growing season was the warmest since the start of the drought in 2012.

-Erin Miller, Twomey Winemaker